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3 Tips to Be a Successful Bail Recovery Agent

Thinking of becoming a bail recovery agent or starting your own bail recovery business?

Despite the negative image of bail agents in the media, tere are many great agents out there. They bring fugitives to justice and make the country a safer place.

To get the results you need as a fugitive recovery agent you need to have a strong skill set.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Be Good At Problem Solving

People who skip bail have often thought through their escape plan. They have a vested interest in not being found. But, as a fugitive recovery agent, it would be your job to find them and make sure they are answerable to the courts.

In order to do this, you have to be tactical and think through methods to corner them, logically. Is turning up at their door in the early hours in the morning the best way to catch them? Or are there more logical ways to catch them?

Can you convince a family member to hand them over to you by suggesting it’s in their best interests? Or perhaps you can stake out a public place you know they frequent.

Playing detective and using your problem-solving skills are key to any job in the bail bonds industry.

2. Be Firm But Fair

You don’t want to use violence or physical restraint where you don’t have to. It should always be a last resort. Otherwise, your reputation could be squandered and you could be labeled a thug. Worse still, legal action could be taken against you and even if you are cleared it could have lasting damage.

But at the same time, you have to be firm.

If you show that you are not serious about arresting someone and making sure they are taken back to court where they belong you could end up losing serious money. Assess each situation on a case-by-case basis.

3. Regular and Correct Training

To become a fugitive recovery agent you should ensure you’re properly trained. Whilst you have to have an instinct and not everyone is cut out to be one, training is a big part of being successful.

The training is valuable and can ensure that you stay within the law. You will need a state fugitive recovery agent license.

The training could include how to use force correctly, how to use firearms (an extra license is required for this), the legal process including the relevant state and federal laws and what rights a detainee has.

Becoming a Good Bail Recovery Agent Requires Multiple Skills and Training

The best bail recovery agent is one that is firm but fair and can not just apply force and pressure to get the correct result but one which also resorts to logic and problem solving and who understands that violence and force should only be used as a last resort.

The bail bonds industry is a great industry to be apart of but undergoing a good training process and recognizing the challenges of the industry are both important.

If you are interested in becoming a bail recovery agent be sure to click here to begin our pre-application.