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How To Become A Bail Bondsman in NC

There are a lot of unique and uncommon jobs in America that not many people think of when they look at career options. Despite that, some of these occupations play an important role in maintaining the way of life many Americans take for granted. Without people collecting the garbage on a weekly basis, cities would be medically unsafe. Without plumbers, the water for survival and cleanliness we take for granted would be in short supply. And without bail bondsman, the law and order that we rely on to maintain a safe, reliable legal system would begin to break down.

Challenges & Rewards of Becoming a Bail Bond Agent

This is a unique kind of career opportunity.

When you become a bondsman, you won’t be a member of the authorities, but you’ll still have an important role in helping to establish a well-ordered society through your in-depth knowledge and skills. This profession is indeed one-of-a-kind, but ultimately rewarding.

How Can We Help?

We equip bondsman from strategy through execution.

What we do

Amistad Bail Bonds & Associates helps eligible individuals in NC on how to become a bondsman and start their own bail bond business. Some of the services we offer are licensing information, documentation tools and business support. First-year licensees will also receive supervision from an assigned seasoned bondsman.

How we do

With our industry expertise, we give aspiring bail bond agents valuable insight into the current criminal justice industry. Being a bail bondsman is not a typical job. But we're here to provide guidance as you learn the ropes of the business. Count on us to help you thrive in the industry and make it even more reliable for our local communities.

What should you do

If you want to become a professional bail bond agent in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia, you can rely on us for support. The requirements of becoming a bail bondsman vary from state to state, but we cover those three states specifically. Join us today. We'll help you find your way to success.

We Equip Bondsman from Strategy Through Execution
What Is A Bail Bondsman?

What Is A Bail Bondsman?

A bail bondsman is a licensed professional who fronts bail on behalf of the defendant. After a person is arrested, the judge will set a bail. Bail is money paid to the court that allows the accused to live outside of jail until his day of trial.

Since the person arrested is still considered innocent until proven guilty, they can’t be held in prison and have the right to their freedom as soon as they post their bail. However, not everyone can afford bail so they seek the help of a bail bondsman.

Bail is considered as something of a “loan,” an amount of money that the defendant or accused has to pay in full to whoever posted it for them once the day of their trial arrives.

This is where the bail bondsman comes in:

There are actually a few different duties and responsibilities that are involved in becoming a bail bondsman, and some choose to specialize in just one or two areas, while other people prefer to engage in every discipline. The one thing that they all have in common however, is that the bail bondsman is in some way, shape or form, responsible for ensuring that bail is paid and the accused faces trial. In some extraordinary cases, if bail is broken, the bondsman may need to pursue the accused, or have someone else do it. If the accused does not show up for trial, the bond paid is forfeited, and the court keeps it.

This is Where the Bail Bondsman Comes in
Getting Licensed
Getting Licensed

Getting Licensed

Becoming a bail bondsman is not like typical job that merely requires an application and a good resume. This is a serious career and it means being evaluated, licensed, and certified by the state or, in some cases, the local county.

Strict requirements are appropriate, especially since bail bond agents play an important role in the criminal justice system. They give defendants the opportunity to get out of jail before the trial by posting the bail amount for them, in the form of a bond.

The bail bond serves as an assurance that defendants will appear for their court date. As such, bail bond agents support the accused’s right to freedom before an official conviction, while also playing an active role in making their client defendants appear in court proceedings.

Since they have an important legal duty, bail bond agents need to be reliable, knowledgeable, and financially capable. And these can only be measured through licensing and other requirements set by states and counties.

Depending on which state you are in, there will be slightly different requirements, but the one common area is that you will need to pass an evaluation, be issued a license, and then conduct yourself in a professional manner.

So how to be a bail bondsman? It varies from one state to the next, but we’ll cover three states here specifically: North CarolinaSouth Carolina and Virginia.

Our agency guides individuals who want to become bail bond agents. We share licensing information and other tools to make the licensing process easy and convenient.

After you obtain your license, we’ll continue to support you as you learn the ins and outs of the business. As a leading bail bond business, we are eager to collaborate with new talents in the industry! Our company is contracting new agents who get the opportunity to partner and work with our experienced bail agents. Want to learn from the best in the industry? Count on us to be your partner as you thrive in the bail industry.

How To Become A Bail Bondsman In North Carolina

Becoming a bail bondsman in North Carolina requires that you be an adult resident, with no bail bond of your own, no criminal convictions, and no current employment ties to the North Carolina police or legal system. If you meet these initial requirements, you must take a pre-licensing course, take and pass an exam, then have your fingerprints registered.

Once you’ve met all these requirements, you can get an initial license which will allow you to “apprentice” yourself to an experienced, practicing bail bondsman for one year. At the end of that year, you may then apply for your professional bondsman license, and go into business for yourself.

How To Become A Bail Bondsman In North Carolina
How To Become A Bail Bondsman In South Carolina

How To Become A Bail Bondsman In South Carolina

Becoming a bail bondsman in South Carolina is slightly easier than in North Carolina. You still need to be an adult resident with no felony convictions. You will also need to attend a pre-licensing course that will give you all the training and background information necessary for beginning this career.

Once you’ve completed the course, you must pass an exam, and, upon passing, you have one year to get your bail bondsman license. Failure to apply within one year means you will need to take the test again in order to get a license. Upon getting your license, you’re done. There is no initial license followed by a full, professional license.


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