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Strange and Weird Laws in NC

Did you know it’s illegal for a bingo game to last over 5 hours in the state of North Carolina?

That’s not the only strange law you’ll find in the Tar Heel State.

Curious? Then read on. Here are some weird laws in NC you should be aware of.

It’s Illegal to Plow Land With Elephants

If you want to plow your farmland with elephants, then you’re out of luck here. It’s illegal to do so in North Carolina.

Some think it’s because back when PT Barnum would travel around, they’d perform their circus acts on the large plots of farmland. They’d have their elephants plow the area with huge banners across them.

As a result, the farmland would get destroyed. As you can see, this law was created out of necessity.

DWIs Count While on Horses

Sure, you can get a DWI for driving a vehicle while drunk. In some cases, you can even get one for using a bicycle while under the influence.

But a DWI for drunk horseback riding? That’s certainly a new one.

Don’t ride horses drunk in NC, or else you’ll find yourself in need of a bail bondsman.

Quicky Marriages

No, this isn’t about shotgun weddings. If you’re a single man checking into a hotel room with a single woman, and you register as a married couple, you may inadvertently change your marital status!

In the state of NC, the law dictates you’re legally married when you do so. While this may cause a headache for some, for others, it may be an easy and inexpensive way to start marital bliss.

Plus, since you’re already in a hotel room, you can start your honeymoon already! It’s a win-win situation.

It’s Illegal to Be a Professional Psychic

Blossoming psychics: beware! It’s illegal to set up shop in NC as a professional, so if this is a career path you’re considering, you’ll have to move.

While hobbyists can practice fortune-telling and psychic readings in the state, as soon as you go pro, you’ve got to go.

No Costumes for Board Meetings

If you enjoy wearing wacky costumes for your board meetings, you need to leave them at home if you’re attending one in North Carolina.

Should anyone be wearing a costume for an organization’s meeting, they’re not allowed to carry on with it. Either the costume goes, or the meeting’s postponed.

If you’ve got an arch-enemy on the board, it’s a great way to annoy them, don’t you think?

Don’t Break the Weird Laws in NC

Now that you know some weird laws in NC, you know exactly what not to do. Though it may be tempting to test the law, don’t land yourself in hot water. Stay on the good side of the law and become a bail bondsman instead!

Interested in becoming a bail bondsman? Then fill out our pre-application form now. We look forward to working with you.