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About Amistad & Associates


To establish a network of highly qualified professionals and licensed Bail Agents in the state of North Carolina, Virginia and South Carolina who are committed to excellence, integrity and professionalism.


Amistad & Associates’ mission is to be the leading bail agency that provides side by side valuable guidance, supervision and business growth opportunities to entrepreneurs who are business minded individuals looking to become a Bail Agent and start a bail bond business.

What We do

Amistad & Associates is a bail bond agency providing services to professional bail agents in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. Our agency assists individuals to become bail bond agents and open their new and successful businesses.

At Amistad, we provide valuable guidance to entrepreneurs looking for new business opportunities. With licensing information, business support, and valuable insight into the criminal justice industry, Amistad & Associates can assist any hardworking businessperson on the road to successful business ownership. Becoming a bail bondsman can be a highly rewarding venture for business owners, and Amistad & Associates is proud to help business owners lead in the industry of bail bonding.

Amistad & Associates is committed in providing its agents with exceptional service and building long lasting relationships that will continue to grow with an evolving industry. We place the experience of our agents and at the core of all we do. Amistad & Associates ensures that each agent gains the necessary knowledge and experience in order to grow their businesses profitably in a very competitive market place.

Amistad & Associates educates its agents on the following:

  • How to set up their business
  • Properly maintaining records
  • Posting of bonds and handling forfeitures
  • Skipping trace
  • About collateral
  • Marketing agent services
  • About client relations & customer service
  • Community involvement

And much more….

If you’re serious about becoming a bail bondsman in North Carolina, contact us today!