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Want to Work With Virginia Bail Bonds? Here’s How to Get Started

Because petty arrests happen every single day, it pays to always have the number of a good bail bond agent. This is a healthy industry and one that you can take part in with a little studying and hard work.

Whether you live in the Tidewater area of Southwest Virginia, these areas need good bail bondsmen that are fair, professional and fast. You can provide that service for the community and earn a great living at the same time.

Getting started in Virginia bail bonds can be one of the best career decisions that you make. Here’s what you need to know.

Learn the Prerequisites For Getting a Bail Bond License

Read up on the eligibility requirements for getting a bail bond license. To get your license, be at least 18 years old, a citizen of the United States, and a high school diploma or GED holder.

You also need to study for the Virginia bail bonds test and pass it with a 70 percent or better.

Take the Courses, Study for the Exam and Pass

The state of Virginia requires you to go through 40 hours of classroom time and a firearms training course to become a bail bondsman. The best way to go about this is by finding a school that is licensed, so they can put you on the right track of learning the information and taking the exam.

Set aside some time to study for the exam every day so that the information stays fresh and at the front of your mind.

Understand the Law For Virginia Bail Bonds

Don’t just pass the exam to run a bail bonds business, make sure you work to become a successful bail bondsman in all that entails. This means staying on top of Virginia bail bond laws and the whole process.

That way you can be fair with your clients while operating within the law. Along the way, you will make a lot of relationships with judges, court clerks, sheriff’s officers and others who can help you learn as you go.

Put In Your Bail Bond License Application

Think of a creative name that your customers will recognize and appreciate. After you pass your test and want to get officially started as a business, you must put in an application for your business.

This business will be legally able to provide bail bonds all throughout the state of Virginia. You will also have to pay a licensing fee and renewal fees whenever your license is getting ready to expire.

Start Marketing Your New Bail Bond Business

Once you’ve received your license, it’s time to put the word out about your bail bond business. Hitting some Virginia-centric social media groups is one of the best ways you can find new customers.

Post in communities where people are talking about nightclubs and other forms of nightlife since these are common situations where arrests happen. The bigger you build your initial client base, the more the word will spread about your business.

Become a Bondsman in Virginia

If you are trying to learn about Virginia bail bonds and making a business out of it, these are the tips that you need to follow. You are just a few steps away from providing a great service to the public.

Consider these tips to become a bail bondsman in Virginia, and make sure to use our website as a resource.