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What to Bring (and Expect) on your NC Bail Bonding License Examination Day

If you’re looking for a new career, consider becoming a bail bondsman/woman. The average American bail agent makes over $50,000 yearly. Do you need to go through college to become a bail agent? No — you just need to pass an exam.

But this exam isn’t easy. You have to study diligently to pass the exam.

In addition, the state of North Carolina needs some information from you. This is what you need to bring with you on exam day. You’ll also have to pay an exam fee.

Are you ready to get your bail bonding license? First, you need to take an exam. Here’s what to bring and what to expect.

What to Bring to Your Bail Bonding Exam

Before your exam, it’s important you come prepared. This is beyond studying; the state of North Carolina requires certain materials on exam day. This is what you need to bring.

Your Authorization Letter

You should have received a North Carolina Department of Insurance Exam Authorization Letter. This letter proves you’re authorized to take the bail exam. The letter may also state which examination center to attend.

You can’t take the test if you don’t have the letter. In addition, you can’t take the test if the letter is over 30 days old.

Two Forms of Identification

You’re required to bring not only one but two forms of identification. Some acceptable examples of identification include:

  • Driver’s license
  • Passport
  • Learner’s permit
  • Alien registry card
  • Military ID
  • Debit or credit card (if your photo is on the card)

Your information must match for both forms of identification.

What to Expect

It’s recommended you appear at the test center 30 minutes before your test time. You’ll have to show your identification before you take the test.

They will take your picture for the score report. The testing center may also use palm vein recognition technology. This captures and recognizes the unique print on your palm and veins.

You’ll use this to sign back in after you take breaks and if you have to take the test again in the future.

You’ll have to sign the Candidate Rules Agreement form. This is to agree that you follow all the rules.

You have the option to take an examination tutorial. It will reduce the time you have on the exam.

The exam starts when you look at the first question. You have two hours to take the exam. You’ll leave the testing center with your exam score.

Are You Ready to Get Your Bail Bonding License?

Do you want a career as a bail agent? The job market is positive and you’ll receive a decent salary. Before you become a bail agent, you need a bail bonding license. In order to get that license, you need to take an exam.

Don’t come to the exam ill-prepared. Know the required materials you need to take your exam.

The success of your bail bond exam depends on your testing place. If you’re in North Carolina, take your bail bond courses and exam with us.