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What Does it Take to Be a Successful Business Operations Manager?

In the next 10 years, the employment growth for business operations managers is expected to grow by 5.8%, roughly opening up 143,800 jobs in that field.

Are you a jack of all trades but a master of none? If so, this field could be what you are looking for.

While a business manager needs to be equipped in many areas, there are essential qualities you will need in the profession. Not sure what it entails?

Let’s break down the key skills and qualities you will need to be a successful business operations manager.

Interpersonal Abilities

Interpersonal and social abilities are a must in business and management.

You can’t just go and order people around all day, you have to build a positive relationship with them.

Believe it or not, companies are 50% as productive as they should be due to a bad boss. If you focus on maintaining healthy relationships and a positive atmosphere, you can make that 50% a 100%.

Your employees will be more likely to respect you if you respect them back. Offer them your undivided attention when they seek help or need support.

While your job is to manage the company, your job is also to manage your employees. Managing your employees involves creating relationships that will enhance productivity.

Multi-Talented and Experienced

Business operations managers need to be skilled at many different things to be efficiently managing a business. Business management is no easy task, and it requires you to understand different components of a business.

You will need to be proficient in business management software and computer skills. You have to understand organization in order to make assessments and procedures, as well as processing relevant data. This is just the beginning.

This doesn’t mean you just have the knowledge of those skills, it also means having the experience.

65% of employers prefer candidates to have relevant work experience prior to joining the company. This means you will be much more likely to be hired as a business operations manager if you have had experience in certain areas in the past.

That is why it is vitally important to read a job description when you apply for it. This is so you know that you have experience in those skills and can highlight them in your resumé and interview.

If you feel like you have work experience and talents in a variety of different areas, you may be unsure how to utilize all of it. A business operations manager could be the perfect opportunity for you.

Problem Solving

Business operations managers need mental qualities like the ability to problem-solve.

Constantly throughout the day, you will see that in business management different needs, decisions, and problems arise. You will need to think quickly on your feet of how to solve the problem and make the company more efficient as a result.

With this ability to problem-solve also comes the need for decision-making. You can’t shy back from stepping up and making the decisions that need to be made. Your employees can’t make these decisions for you; they are waiting for your cue and go.

The company will fall if you can’t problem-solve on a day-to-day basis. Make sure you are efficient in this area if you want to excel in managing a business.


A business operations manager is, more than anything, a leader. Thus, you must possess leadership qualities to push the company forward and be a model for the rest of the employees.

Leaders will encourage the rest of their employees and push them forward, rather than bringing them down. They will be attentive and willing to listen when others have thoughts and suggestions, but also have the ability to address them when something different needs to be done.

A leader will make sure their team is efficient and running well. This means if a member is falling behind, you must address it.

Confrontation can be hard but is a necessary quality in a leader. You must correct them in a professional manner but also seek to build them up in the right direction. With that being said, you must also be able to make the hard decision of letting someone go if they are not fit for the company.

Managers don’t just manage all the different parts of the company; they take the company and lead it to where it needs to be.


Overall, a business operations manager will succeed in what they are doing. They will push their team members to succeed so that they will succeed in return.

With the ability to succeed comes drive and determination. You have to push on and not be one to easily give up. Sometimes you will face failures, but it is your willingness to get back up and try again that will turn your failure into success.

How Can I Learn More About Becoming a Business Operations Manager?

If you have the qualities of a business operations manager but know you still need to keep learning, taking classes can be a helpful resource.

Business management classes will help give you a good foundation of how to be a business manager and also develop your already budding skills in the field. They can help you work towards being licensed in the field and successfully secure a job.

While work experience is good, sometimes taking classes can give you that extra knowledge and bump up your resumé as well.

How Can I Jumpstart Into This Career?

You know what it takes to be a successful business operations manager. These skills and qualities are all things that you know you possess. So, why keep waiting?

There are thousands of jobs in this position that are available for you. All you need now is the drive and determination to start.

Take the next step today and push towards a successful future!