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Understanding Bail And The Bail Bonds Process

Everyone makes a few mistakes here and there. However, sometimes those mistakes can end up landing us or our loved ones in jail. The last place you want to be or see your loved ones in is behind bars. Thankfully, bail bondsmen are there to ensure that arrested individuals can leave jail as soon as possible to return to the homes that love them.

However, in order to understand how a bail bondsman can help you or your loved ones out of jail, there are a few things you need to know about bail, bail bonds, and bail bondsmen.

What Is Bail?

Bail is the amount set by the court that is needed upfront in order to allow arrested individuals to be released from jail in a timely manner. The amount of bail set in each case will vary greatly depending on the type and circumstances of the crime. The bail money is used as a way to ensure the defendant will attend their court dates. Those who post bail and attend each and every court date will have their bail money returned to them, minus court costs and other charges. Those who post bail and fail to show up will get nothing back and the court will keep the money instead.

If the person fails to or chooses not to post bail, then they will have to stay in jail until their court date and be escorted there.

However, those who are arrested, but cannot afford their bail payment have another option at their disposal known as bail bonds.

What Are Bail Bonds?

Unfortunately, bail is often expensive. Most people do not have that kind of money handy for these kinds of situations either. Price aside, court dates aren’t set soon after the individual has been arrested, meaning that those who cannot post bail could find themselves in jail for a long time. The time spent in jail waiting could end up costing them their job or hurt their ability to care for their dependents.

This is why bail bonds are such a crucial option for those who cannot afford bail and need to be back home.
Bail bonds allow arrested individuals to return home to await trail at only a fraction of the cost of their bail amount. While they are still required to make it to their court date, this allows them to continue working, caring for family, and doing any preparation that might be needed for their court appearance.

However, not just anyone can provide you with bail bonds or assist you with the bail bonds process.

What Is A Bail Bondsman?

A bail bondsman is a specialist that does a type of private loaning in order to help people get out of jail. When someone has been charged with breaking the law and wants to use bail bonds in order to get out of jail, it is a bail bondsman that handles the process and assisted the arrested individual. To do so, the bail bondsman covers the entire bail amount while demanding only a fraction of what the bail costs you.

Not only does the bail bondsman provide you with the money needed to get out of jail, but they assure the court that you will be there for your court date. When you do appear for your court date, the bail bondsman will receive the full amount of bail back. However, if you choose not to appear, then you will owe them the full amount of bail and the courts will grant them the right to track you down and take you to court for doing so.

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