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Types of Bail Bonds Licensed Bail Bond Agents Can Provide

Every day, several individuals find themselves entangled in the intricacies of the justice system, facing charges that change their lives forever. Especially the time they spend behind bars with the prospect of incarceration pending trial can be more overwhelming than anything. Fortunately, licensed bail bond agents stand as the ray of hope in these challenging times. If you are wondering how to be a bail bondsman because this way seems to be an excellent path for helping people stuck in the criminal justice system, here are the types of bail bonds you can help with!

1. Immigration Bonds

Every year thousands of people come to the United States in the hope of a better future, and some of them visit the States or stay there without proper documentation. This leads to an increase in immigration-related arrests that can result in individuals being detained by immigration authorities. Licensed bail bond agents can aid the accused immigrants in securing bail bonds while awaiting immigration proceedings, so they can sort out everything in the States, and spend more time with their loved ones instead of being in ICE detention facilities.

2. Domestic Violence Bail Bonds

If someone is arrested for domestic violence, they can also seek the aid of a licensed bail bond agent to get financial support in securing bail for their domestic violence cases. Bail bond agents maintain confidentiality and work within the legal framework to help the accused post bail and adhere to the terms of bail, including following a restraining order, etc.

3. Felony Bail Bonds

The first category is felony bail bonds. So, felony charges are for serious offenses that demand immediate attention. Felony bail bonds ensure the swift release of the defendant accused of such crimes, and the charges range from serious assaults to white-collar crimes. Individuals can secure bail bonds in felonies to avoid prolonged incarceration, and licensed bail bond agents specialize in navigating the intricacies of felony cases while ensuring the defendant can get out of jail before their trial without any financial hindrances.

4. Drug Possession Bail Bonds

Drug-related offenses, especially possession charges are one of the most common reasons for arrest. Being a licensed bail bond agent, you can assist individuals facing drug possession charges by helping them post bail. Being a bail bond agent, you can assess the situation, and facilitate the release of the accused by paying the bail amount, so they can prepare a strong defense against the charges and reunite with their family before the trial.

5. DWI/DUI Bail Bonds

Many people get arrested for the mistakes they commit on the road, like traffic violations, and WI/DUI cases are one of them. Bail bond agents can aid individuals in facing these charges and post bail while ensuring their release before trial. Besides, time is of the essence in these cases, and the expertise of a licensed bail bond agent becomes invaluable in securing bail.


The constitution of the United States presumes an individual is innocent until proven guilty, and bail bonds play a crucial part in affirming the presumption of innocence and preventing the defendant from suffering before the court gives its verdict on the alleged crime. Want to know how to become a bail bondsman in NC? Start your journey with professional assistance from Amistad Bail Bonds and Associates today!