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Things You Need Within Reach Before Reaching Out to Bail Bondsmen

Bail plays a substantial role in the criminal justice system. In a world where arrests are stereotyped, and everyone who’s arrested is considered as a culprit, bail offers the opportunity to assert the presumption of innocence. Bail offers defendants the chance to reunite with their families and prepare for their case without being stuck in a legal facility. However, not everyone has the financial capability to post bail even when they are eligible for it. That’s where bail bonds come into the big picture. Do you want to open a bail bond business and wondering about how to become a bail bondsman?

Well, before you get started, specify the following things to anyone before they contact you for bail bonds.

ID and Form of Payment

Well, when someone contacts you to bail a loved one or post their own bail, the first thing they need is their ID proof. Typically, bail bond companies accept several forms of payment because they understand people have different ways of collecting large amounts of money in a short timeframe. One of the most common ways to pay for bail bonds is with a credit or debit card, and you can ask your clients for the same as well.

There are also instances where people split the payment onto multiple cards. Ensure to have that option as well. Talking about the type of ID, be sure to ask for valid identity proof like a driver’s license, birth certificate, passport, or social security card. Always check the ID and ensure that it hasn’t expired because as a bail bond agent, you will have to use the ID to ensure someone is officially confirmed as the bond co-signer.

Cell Phones

There’s no denying that many people typically have their phones with them at all times. However, you must ensure your clients have a phone as a priority when they drop in for a consultation. For one, a phone provides a lot of important uses for the bail bond process. Your clients can use the phone to talk to the defendant behind bars and get necessary information about their case.

They can also use the calendar on the phone to check the court dates and know exactly when the defendant can return. The cell phone can also be used to wire the bail amount, and make digital copies of the paperwork including the bail agreement, so they can have quick access to the files and have a backup in case they lose any documents.


There’s no denying that preparation is a key element of the judicial system. Especially, when someone’s arrested, staying organized and on top of critical elements is as crucial as anything. If you have been thinking about how to start a bail bond business and need direction to get licensed or expand your network, you don’t have to do it on your own. Instead, you can always reach out to the professionals at Amistad Bail Bonds and Associates to help you with the process.