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The Rewarding Benefits of Becoming a Bail Agent in Virginia

Are you wondering if you should become a bail agent?

In the criminal justice system, bounty hunting can be a unique and rewarding career. You’re probably wondering how a job that deals with criminals could be rewarding. There’s only one way for you to find out.

Read on to find out how you can become a bail agent in Virginia and the benefits it offers.

How to Become a Bail Agent in Virginia?

If you would like to become a bail bondsman within the state of Virginia first, you’ll have to meet specific requirements. Below are the requirements you must meet:

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • Be a citizen or a legal resident alien of the United States
  • An education equivalent to a high school diploma or GED
  • Ensure the training requirements are met by the state of Virginia
  • A bail bond agent must pass the exam for licenses

A college degree is not required to become a Virginia bail bondsman, but it is highly desired. A degree can increase your knowledge and help you pass the exam.

You’ll be more qualified to receive more than one license within Virginia. Bail bond agents in Virginia have three types of permits issued by the Department of Criminal Justice Services:

  • Property Bail Bondsman
  • Agent Bail Bondsman
  • Surety Bail Bondsman

The requirements for obtaining a bail bondsman license in Virginia may vary depending on your licensed areas. Obtaining a license in more than one area is possible, but it will require additional steps.

What Are the Benefits of Becoming a Bail Agent?

There are plenty of benefits of becoming a bail bondsman in Virginia. Below are some of the rewards you’ll receive when you decide to become one.

The Duties of a Bail Bondsman Vary Daily

Your day is always different in a bail bonds career since you never know who will get arrested or need your assistance. However, you may enjoy this career path if you dislike sitting behind a desk all day or doing the same things every day.

Among your duties as a bail agent is often assisting those in need at local jails and courthouses. There may be clients who fail to appear in court, and you will have to track them down. How fun can that be to do in a profession!

The Ability to Schedule Flexible Hours

You usually follow a set schedule at your job, and the only time you get a break is on your vacation. However, when you are a bail bondsman, you may have to work irregular hours because people need you whenever they need you. Setting specific hours for your services is possible, but making them available 24/7 gives you the greatest business potential.

The number of hours you work is also up to you. Working part-time is an option if you don’t require a full-time income or if you want to start the business part-time while working another job full-time.

You can increase your earnings by working more than 40 hours a week. You have the option of taking a break if you need to take a vacation or deal with a family emergency.

A Chance to Help People

It is not just criminals who need bail bonds services – many people who require bail bonds services are generally good folks facing difficult circumstances or have made poor decisions. You are allowing them to take a break from jail and wait for their court date.

Furthermore, you serve as a source of support for those who might not otherwise have much. Moreover, you increase the odds of them returning to court to resolve the charges and possibly get their lives back on track afterward.

High Potential for Pay

The more connections you make, the more likely you are to be paid for the help you provide. You can increase your earning potential even more by owning your own bail bonds business.

Are There Cons to Becoming a Bail Agent?

Every profession has cons, and bail agents should be aware of the risks associated with their careers. Here are some of the cons of becoming a bail agent.

Bail Agents Take Large Risks

Being in the business of dealing with criminals involves a significant amount of risk for bail bond agents. Therefore, there is a transfer of risk involved in the industry. However, the services of bail bond agencies are not mandatory.

Bond dealers charge them fees since they don’t have the money to cover the bond independently. In exchange for the bail fee, bail bondsmen assume the risk of paying bail. The average bail bonds fee is around 20%.

Bail bond agencies sometimes lose their investment when the person who is paying for their services jumps bail. In many cases, the agency loses its entire investment to bail jumpers. So there’s a chance that millions of dollars could be lost in a severe bail jumping case.

Consequently, bond dealers must be comfortable with risk and the possibility of huge losses. An individual cannot shirk away from risks like these or take on clients who may bailout.

Working With Potentially Dangerous Clients

People who work as bails bondsmen spend most of their time dealing with criminals. In some cases, they may encounter violent and unpredictable criminals. Unfortunately, bondsmen are often the target of these violent criminals.

Instances have arisen where bail bond agents have been injured by defendants whose complaints were unrelated to the bail bondsman’s job. Therefore, bail bondsmen face more dangers than most other business owners.

In order to deal with this threat, they employ guards and employ security systems. But they cannot eliminate it. Nevertheless, bail bondsmen can take steps to protect their property and keep themselves safe from dangerous clients.

Where Can You Find Bail Agent Jobs in Virginia?

There are plenty of bail bondsman companies that are looking for employees. Consider working for other companies as an alternative to starting your own business if you’re not yet ready to go it alone. If you choose this option, you can have a starting salary of $41,142.

As soon as you’re ready, you can begin setting up your own bail bondsman company. Of course, we can help you during your training of becoming a bail agent on how you can start your own business!

Are You Ready to Become a Virginia Bail Agent Today?

If you’re interested in becoming a Virginia bail bondsman, you’ll need the proper training to succeed. Amistad Bailbonds & Associates provides you with the right training and tools to help you become a bail agent. We can help you succeed in starting your business and enjoy a lucrative career.

Become a bail bondsman with our help. Come apply today!