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Pros and Cons of Being a Bail Bonds Agent in Virginia

Do you have the natural gift of leadership and accountability? Do you wish there was a way to start and run your own business? If so, then you should consider becoming a bail bonds agent in Virginia!

Doing so will help you build a career helping those that have lost their way. You can help them receive the bail they need to get out of custody and start down the path of correcting their life.

See below for an in-depth list that highlights the pros and cons of becoming a bail bonds agent in Virginia. It might just be the career shift you’ve been looking for!

Pro: The Work Is Fulfilling

Few people find more fulfillment in their careers than bail bond agents. While it can be frustrating to deal with certain clientele, the work is rewarding and uplifting to others. It starts an “if that person can correct their life, so can I!” mentality.

Contrary to popular belief, bail bond agents don’t generally work with convicts and criminals with an endless record.

In fact, most of your clientele will be good people that have temporarily lost their way. They’ve made a poor decision or two that, if they aren’t careful, can have a life-altering effect on their well-being (in a negative way).

By the time they or one of their loved ones is reaching out to you, they’ve hit their desperation point. They want to turn things around, but can’t even afford to bail themselves out of jail.

That’s where you step in! You’ll visit them at the local jails and give them the funding they need to meet the required bail amount. After that, you’ll then be the one holding them accountable for showing up for court.

If that person doesn’t show up in court, you’ll be the one that’s tasked with locating them and being the voice of reason. Sometimes people just need a push in the right direction. As a bail bonds agent in Virginia, you can be that push.

Con: It Requires Training and Certification

We think you’ll agree that when it comes to landing a fulfilling career in a thriving field, a little bit of training is a small price to pay. But make no mistake about it, training and certification are necessary to ensure you meet Virginia’s standards.

For training, you’ll be required to complete a 240-hour course. This covers topics such as the ethics of a professional bail bondsman, state regulations, surety law, and property law, the works.

After you complete the training, you’ll put everything that you’ve learned to the test by completing a licensing exam. You have to pass the exam to become a bail bondsman.

Once you’ve passed the exam, you can apply for your certification (licensing), by paying for the type of bail bonds agent in Virginia that you’d like to become. The base level is an upfront sum of $900.

You will need to re-up your certification (license) every two years. However, you are not required to take the training course or exam to re-apply.

Pro: Variety of Tasks

Perhaps you’re tired of doing the same monotonous task in your current career field. Doing the same task each workday can quickly put you in a situation where you’re going through the motions. That’s no way to live!

The life of a bail bonds agent is exciting and unpredictable (in a good way). The main tasks you’ll be tasked with visiting local courthouses and jails to bail out clients, then holding those clients accountable for meeting their court dates.

You’ll be communicating with your current clients while taking on new ones. Each of these clients will depend on you to help them to start down the path of fixing their lifestyles by appearing in court.

In many cases, bail bonds agents work with their client’s lawyers to ensure that the client shows up whenever and wherever they’re needed.

Pro: Great Pay and Security

Unfortunately, in today’s age, jobs that pay well and have good job security are tough to come by. It seems as if most jobs either have one or the other, not both.

Bail bonds agents will always be needed in the state of Virginia. They’re an essential piece to correcting the lives of those that have made poor decisions up until this point. The more bail bond agents in Virginia, the fewer repeat criminals.

As far as pay goes, there’s a wide window at first. Some have gone on to make six-figures as bail bond agents, but you should expect anywhere from $50,000 to $80,000 to start.

Pro: Always Something to Do

You’ll never have a day as a bail bond agent where you don’t have something to work on, people to contact, or clients to catch up with.

Many times, bail bond agents work unconventional hours, which can be considered a con by some. However, you also get to set the terms for the hours you work, the number of clients you take on at one time, and so forth.

You get to set your vacation days, you can call off for family emergencies, you might even get to call a day off spontaneously to hang out with the kids.

Become a Bail Bonds Agent in Virginia Today

Now that you have seen a list of pros and cons for becoming a bail bonds agent in Virginia, it’s time to start the process today!

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For more inquiries, please click here to get more information on how to get started towards your new career.