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Starting Your Bail Bondsman Business: A Beginner’s Guide

While many celebrities are able to post their entire bail after an arrest, the rest of us mere mortals have to rely on a bail bondsman business.

While this enterprise may not be glamorous, it serves an essential function for communities across the nation and can also be a very lucrative business.

But in order to open a bail bonds business, you have to get past a few barriers that vary by state. Let’s take a look at what it takes in North Carolina.

Getting a License

Before you can start posting bails, you need to get a license. This is achieved by filling out forms and submitting them to the Commissioner.

They will question you about your prospective business and may ask about any relevant qualifications you have to be a bondsman.

If your application is refused, then you will have to wait one year before you can reapply.

If you are issued a license, you will be given an identification card with your picture on it. You will be expected to have this card with you any time you are acting in your capacity as a bail bondsman.

Qualifications for Bail Bondsmen in North Carolina

Not everyone is eligible for licensing as a bail bondsman in North Carolina.

The following requirements apply:

  • Be 21 or over
  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Have knowledge that makes you competent
  • Have no outstanding bail obligations
  • Have no violations
  • Have a valid North Carolina drivers license or identification card
  • Proof of residency

And that’s just the beginning.

Considering an Office

While you may have thought of an office as an obvious step when starting your business, many successful bondsmen have started without a location.

The bondsman business is one of word of mouth, not drive by traffic. If someone is looking for your services, then they will look online or ask friends to find you.

While having an office to meet clients is nice, it can be just as effective to meet your clients at public locations.

License Fees

In order to run your business, you will have to pay a fee of two hundred dollars to the Commissioner. In addition, there is a licensing fee that will be due of one hundred and twenty-five dollars.

Examination and Educational Requirements

To be licensed in the State of North Carolina as a bondsman, you will have to sit for an examination. You will be notified within thirty days of filing your application at which point you have another thirty days to complete the testing.

The exam costs around fifty-five dollars and tests information such as the laws and regulations that apply to being a bondsman.

After this initial testing, you will be required to take continuing education courses to maintain your license.

More Help Getting a Bail Bondsman Business Started

Although this guide gives you a glimpse into what it takes to start a bail bondsman business, there is still much more to learn before you’re ready to do it yourself.

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