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How to Become a Bail Bondsman (and Get Clients)

Many of us dream of one day breaking the 9 to 5 work week grind. We dream of being our own boss, the freedom of flexibility and of making money.

You can have all these things and a rewarding career as a bail bondsman.

Look no further as we dive deep to explain how to become a bail bondsman and how to land clients.

Becoming a bondsman won’t happen overnight. You will need to follow the process and be patient. It can be a very rewarding career both financially and emotionally and is worth the time you put into it.

Being a bondsman can also be rewarding. Many times, you’re meeting and helping people (and their families) on the worst day of their lives.

Having someone who understands and can help with the process of dealing with an arrest and bail can be very comforting.

Understand The Requirements

First and foremost, you’ll need to look into the requirements of becoming a bondsman in your state.

For example, the requirements in North Carolina may be different than those in New York. Read the requirements carefully and be sure you meet all of them. You’ll also need a solid understanding of how the bail process works.


Pre-licensing is the first step to take when looking into how to become a bail bondsman.

Before you can apply for a license you will need to take a pre-licencing course which usually takes two days.

Find a Supervisory Agent

Before any individual can become a licensed bondsman, they need to be under the supervision of a licensed agent for a minimum of a year.

It’s important to find someone who you believe can give you the best on-the-job training, so aim to find a local guarantor who has demonstrated history.

Apply For License And Other Requirements

After you’ve taken the course and found a good supervisory agent, it’s time to apply for your license.

Many times (and in North Carolina for certain) you’ll need to get fingerprinted as part of the process.

Exam Time

After you’ve met all the above requirements, it’s time to take the licensing exam.

It’s critical for you to be prepared so be sure you’ve used your time with your supervising agent well. If you don’t pass the exam there is a waiting period of one year before you can begin the process again.

Building A Business

Once you obtain your license, it’s time to get your business going.

You aren’t much of a bondsman until you get yourself some clients. Lucky for you, this career field is one that’s always in demand.

Market Yourself

In order for people to find your business, you have to put yourself out there. As with any business, that means marketing yourself. Some good starting points are

  • Create a business site
  • Sponsor a local athletic team
  • Get a social media campaign going
  • Branded giveaways like pens, T-shirts, etc.

Make Connections

A big part of success is who you know. This is particularly true in the case of a bail bondsman business. An excellent way to drum up clients is to become a referral from local lawyers.

Often, lawyers will put their clients in touch with a reputable bondsman when dealing with a case concerning bail. If you can become that referral, you’re off to a great start!

While the process of becoming a bail bondsman may be lengthy, it’s ultimately worth it. How can we help you get started today?