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Bail Bondsman Jobs: Are You up to the Task? 4 Things to Consider

Virginia State Police made over 200,000 arrests in 2020.

A bondsman can save the day when someone’s arrested and can’t afford bail. They provide an opportunity to help people in their time of need. Bondsmen can also earn a lucrative living!

If you think you should be the agent people come to for help, this article is for you. We’ll go over the main considerations to make before embarking on your new career path.

What four things do you need to know about bail bondsman jobs? Read on to find out.

1. What Is Day-To-Day Life in Bail Bondsman Jobs?

Before deciding to take on bail bondsman jobs, you should learn what bail agents do. A bail agent serves as a liaison between the defendants and the court. They provide the funding the defendant needs to secure their release from the state’s custody.

However, the release is temporary and only lasts until the trial date arrives. The bail arrangement requires the bail agent to ensure that the defendant will arrive at the court on time. If the defendant fails to show up, the court can forfeit the bail amount and issue a warrant for their arrest.

Daily Activities

Many bail agents work from a regional or centralized office. Daily activities can include things such as writing and managing contracts and posting bail. You’ll also be administering a variety of legal documents for your clients.

If your company has any outstanding or negligent bonds, those will become your priorities. Bond agents make every effort to ensure their clients don’t neglect the terms of their bond agreements. Sometimes bond agents help their clients get to their court dates to ensure everything goes as planned.

2. Do You Qualify?

How will you know if you qualify for Virginia bail bondsman jobs? In the state of Virginia, there are specific requirements you have to meet before you can become a bail bondsman. For instance, you have to be at least 18 years of age.

Virginia also requires that you’re a US citizen or a legal resident alien of the United States. Bail agents must also have completed high school or obtained a GED.

Furthermore, agents will have to complete initial training requirements. Applicants must have a passing grade of 70% when they take the bail bondsman exam.

Training Requirements

What things will you learn when you’re training to become a bail bondsman? The minimum entry-level training requirements cover a variety of categories.

For instance, you’ll need to complete the bail bondsman entry-level core training course, a 40-hour program. If applicable, you’ll also need to take firearms training at the entry level.

3. Challenges and Rewards of a Bail Bonds Business

Virginia requires all bail bondsmen to become licensed agents. After passing all the necessary qualifications, you’ll pay a separate fee to obtain your license.

You’ll also need to get insured and bonded. There are plenty of bail bond surety companies, so do a little research.

Find the company that can offer you the best premium and coverages. You can visit the state of Virginia’s insurance department for free resources to learn more about the requirements.

You also need to ensure that you have enough capital to set up your business. You’ll need to pick up the business name and location from there.

Your business can be close to the jail or courthouse; that can help tremendously. You’ll also want to create a plan for marketing and network with criminal justice lawyers.

Rewards of the Industry

Now that you know some of the challenges of setting up a bail bonds business, let’s talk about the rewards. The bail bond industry allows you to help people. You’ll be helping people in their most dire times of need.

After an arrest, the next few hours are crucial. A lot of people wind up feeling alone and lost.

Because you’ll be working in the bail bonds business, you’ll be able to provide advice and insight that can help people realize they’re not alone. If you’re good with people and mitigating tough situations, you can thrive in the industry.

4. Characteristics of a Good Bail Bonds Agent

As a bail bond agent, you’ll be highly trained across various abilities and knowledge bases. You’ll need to understand everything from the legal side of things to the bureaucratic procedure.

Since bail bond agents work closely with the legal system, they must be comfortable deciphering the law. Bail laws differ from one state to the next.

To succeed, a bail agent must understand the orders of precedence and legal procedures. They also have to understand the interaction between statutes.

The best bail bond agents are also skillful communicators. Going to jail is an upsetting experience. To truly appreciate what your clients are going through, you have to be willing to listen actively and offer relevant advice.

Financial Backing

How much will it cost for you to start a bail bond company? The exact cost will depend on the type of agency you’re running.

There are three different types of bail bond agents in Virginia. There are property bond dealers, agent bail bondsmen, and surety bail bond agents. In Virginia, the initial bail bondsman license fee is $900, and it’s non-refundable.

Become a Bail Bondsman in Virginia

Bail bondsman jobs present a one-of-a-kind opportunity. Using your in-depth knowledge and skills, you’ll be able to help people get their lives back on track.

If you want to become a professional bail bond agent in Virginia, Amistad Bail Bonds and Associates can help. We’ll help you learn how to set up your business, maintain records, market your services, and more.

If you’re an entrepreneur looking for a new business opportunity, we want to hear from you. Contact us today if you’re serious about becoming a bail bonds agent in Virginia.