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7 Compelling Reasons to Become a Bail Agent in North Carolina

The bail bond industry makes about $2 billion each year. Because many people in the prison system are unable to post bail while they await trial, bond companies offer a way out.

As a bail agent, you provide those in prison with hope and encouragement. It is a rewarding job that comes with many additional benefits. Do you want to learn more about the bail agent job and why you should become a bail agent?

Keep reading these seven reasons to choose to become a bail agent in North Carolina over other career options.

1. You Are Your Own Boss

One of the biggest benefits of choosing a bail agent over other career choices is that you can be your own boss. When you are licensed as a bail bond agent, you can post bail for a criminally accused defendant.

While many bail bonds agents start out working for an established company, they can set up their own bond agency. As your own boss, you can control every part of your business and choose which bonds you want to keep or reject.

Creating your own bonds agency also provides you with a long-term career opportunity. As you build your company from scratch, you will learn the ins and outs of being a bail agent and learn to help your business thrive.

2. Good Pay

Another reason why many people choose to become a bail agent in North Carolina is that it has great pay. Even if you do not start out with a large salary, you have increased earning potential when you choose to become a bail agent.

You can also make more money while working fewer hours than other jobs. For example, a bail agent that works part-time can replace a full-time income. Depending on how much you want to work, you can essentially determine how much you will make each year.

3. Job Security

Next, working as a bail agent guarantees that you will have job security for your lifetime, regardless of any recessions or changes in the economy. Because bail agents help those who have been criminally accused, there will always be a demand for your work.

In fact, some studies even show that recession periods have an increase in criminal activity, which gives you even more job security.

To stay protected during a downturn in the economy, you can become a bail agent and be sure that you will never lose your job.

4. You Make a Difference

Regardless of the good pay and the ability to work for yourself, working as a bail bond agent allows you to make a difference in the world. This is one reason why many bail agents love their jobs.

When someone has been arrested, their entire lives are turned upside down. It is a hectic experience and it may feel impossible for them to turn things around. However, as a bail agent, you provide these people with hope that they can turn their lives around.

Most bail agents create strong relationships with their clients by helping them through this crazy time of life. Even if you only change one person’s life, you will find that it is very rewarding.

5. Daily Change of Pace

One of the biggest complaints of employees in any industry is that the work is monotonous and gets boring after a time. However, bail agents have a daily change of pace that keeps their jobs feeling energetic and enjoyable for years.

First, you will work during odd hours rather than having to stick to a nine to five job. This will give you the freedom to do other things during the day rather than being stuck behind a desk.

Your work also changes each day. One day you may be going to local courthouses and jails, and others you may pursue a fugitive. Working as a bail agent is never boring!

6. Flexible Schedule

When you are a bail agent working for yourself, you also have a flexible schedule that allows you to pursue your other interests. As a bail bondsman, you can set your own schedule and determine when you want to work.

As was mentioned before, you can essentially work as much or little as you want to when you are a bail agent.

Whether you want to work full-time as a bail agent or just work a few hours a week, you can choose whatever works for your schedule.

7. Working Toward Freedom

Finally, you get to help people secure their constitutional right to freedom. This country was founded to give people freedom, and you get to offer this same thing to your clients.

As a bail agent, you can post bail for a criminal defendant, help them get out of jail, and help them prepare for their court proceedings.

If this sounds like something you would enjoy,  you may want to learn how to get started to become a bail agent.

Want to Become a Bail Agent In North Carolina?

Becoming a bail agent is a great career opportunity. It allows you to make a difference all while working for yourself with great job security. If you are looking to become a bail bondsman in North Carolina, Amistad Bailbonds and Associates can help.

We can help you find a unique career opportunity as a bail bondsmen where you can make a difference in society.

Contact our team today to learn more about the compelling reasons to become a bail agent and to apply now to become a bondsman in North Carolina.